On The Worldly Philosophers

By Gulmaram



Robert L Heilbroner wrote a delightful book entitled The Worldly Philosophers: The Lives, Times and Ideas of the Great Economic Thinkers. In this book, the author writes about exactly what the title describes. Heilbroner paints and intimate and detailed picture of all the significant economic thinkers from Adam Smith to Joseph Schumpeter. He describes their lives and personalities, and explains what impact they had on the world, or at least on the school of economics.


This book does not read like a dry text book or glorified biography. It presents each "worldly philosopher" as a human being, offering a full rounded description of the man, and then delving into the thoughts that made each respective man great. These economists seem to come alive on the pages, and speak with all the fire and passion, or calm clarity, that they themselves possessed. The author is as unbiased as possible, and accords each idea its worthy respect and merit. The book makes a wonderful introduction to economics, and gives a good deep look rather than a cursory overview, that any reader can relate to from the foundation of human sympathy.






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