"Highlander" Poetry by Gulmaram

This is the poetry I've written about "Highlander: The Series". Some of it is about the telly show, but some of it is about my own fanfiction.

"Highlander" Poetry 1996
My first "Highlander" poems.
"Highlander" Poetry 1997 (Part 1)
Poems through August.
"Highlander" Poetry 1997 (Part 2)
Poems from September through December.
"Highlander" Poetry January- May 1998
Poems written before the end of the telly Series.
"Highlander" Farewell Poem
My farewell to Duncan MacLeod and the "Highlander" show.
"Highlander" Poetry After the Show's End
Poetry written since the end of the show.

** ASIDE **

All of these poems are copyright Gulmaram, the Immortal Gypsy Queen 1996- 1998.

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