Loyal Subjects of the Gypsy Queen

These are the Loyal Subjects of the Immortal Gypsy Queen. If you would like to be a Loyal Subject, email the Gypsy Queen with your full name. The titles are just for fun. The whole world belongs to all of us, after all! We can claim whatever lands we like for our titles, so that when identifying ourselves, we feel more connceted to this beautiful planet.

Celaeno Pandora Verchant: Royal Concubine of the Queen

Marybeth (and her evil twin Skippy): Duchess of Snowdonia

Rebecca: Princess of America, Royal Lady in Waiting to the Queen

Missa: High Priestess of the Ozarkadia

Aaron: Duke of Minneapolis

Angel Eyes: Princess of Egypt

Gayla: Lady in Waiting to Angel Eyes

Amy: Princess of Germany

Dark Shadow: Lord of the Shadows

Lord William, Royal Knight and Protector of the Queen

What is your name?

What title would you like?

What is your email address?

1997 gulmaram@hotmail.com

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